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Fire Risk Assessment

You are legally required to have a Fire Risk Assessment and review it regularly in non-domestic premises. Highly qualified assessors will complete and document a full & detailed Fire Risk Assessment on your behalf and provide support on implementing and managing appropriate fire safety measures.

Who needs this

If you are an employer, owner, landlord, have a tenancy in a business or non domestic premises or are in control of a premises such as a facilities/building manager or managing agent you have responsibility for Fire Safety and must carry out a Fire Risk Assessment.

How often

The Fire Risk Assessment should be carried out and reviewed regularly. Assessments should also be undertaken if there are any alterations or an Incident relating to Fire Safety takes place.

What we do

We will visit to evaluate current measures and carry out a detailed survey to compile a comprehensive report of observations, recommendations and create an Action Plan with photographic reference.

Next steps

Once you have received the Assessment and supporting documentation we will be on hand to provide support and if necessary, help implement and manage fire safety measures.

Do you need a fire risk assessment?

Still unclear that you need us to undertake a Fire Risk Assessment on your behalf? Answer these 5 short questions

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Do you need a Fire Risk Assessment

Short questions to help establish if you need to undertake and document a Fire Risk Assessment

  • Question 1/5 Does your organisation employ 5 or more people?

  • Question 2/5 Do members of the public use the premises?

  • Question 3/5 Is the premises licensed?

  • Question 4/5 Are there any dangerous substances present?

  • Question 5/5 Have you had a Fire Risk Assessment carried out previously and it has not been reviewed?

You require a Fire Risk Assessment

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