Risk Assessment Course - ACT Safety Group

Risk Assessment Course

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• To give an understanding of the requirements of undertaking Risk Assessments in the workplace.


• To show the advantages of carrying out Risk Assessments
• Know how to undertake a Risk Assessment
• Who should be involved in the Risk Assessment
• When to undertake a Risk Assessment
• What to Risk Assess


• We discuss the Health and Safety at Work Act, in particular
• Section 2, The Duty on the Employer
• Section 7, The Duty on the Employee
• Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations
• Regulation 14, Duties on Employees
• Regulation 3, The requirement of the Risk Assessment
• Hierarchy of Risk Control
• Near Miss reporting
• Different types of Risk Assessment
• Site Specific RA
• Dynamic RA
• Generic RA
• Different types of hazards to be Risk Assessed
• Schools and classroom Risk Assessments
• Special cases to be Risk Assessed including:
• Young persons
• Expectant and nursing mothers
• Workers with a disability
• Lone workers