Practical Fire Extinguisher Course - ACT Safety Group

Practical Fire Extinguisher Course

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Guidance on each of the following fire extinguishers:

• Water fire extinguisher
• Foam fire extinguisher
• CO2 fire extinguisher
• Dry powder fire extinguisher
• Wet chemical fire extinguisher
• Water mist fire extinguisher
• Fire blanket

• Full details of each appliance is given to the group
• Manual handling safety is discussed
• The safe use and limitations of each appliance is shown by the trainers
• Particular hazards that may occur when using the appliances are demonstrated
• We use the Digital training simulator or gas training rig to simulate different types of incidents. Students are asked to react and extinguish each type of fire with the appropriate appliance
• A full question and answer session is carried out at the end of the session to ensure each student is fully knowledgable on each of the fire extinguishers and fire blanket