Fire Warden/ Fire Marshal Course - ACT Safety Group

Fire Warden/ Fire Marshal Course

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• The safety of your colleagues and customers.
• Your own safety.
• Adequate protection for the workplace.
• As required by the Fire Service, and is identified in your fire risk assessments.


• To gain an insight to fire and fire behaviour.
• To eradicate fire hazards before they cause actual fires.
• To play and active part in the safety of all persons in the event of an emergency situation.
• To extinguish fires, in their incipient stages whilst ensuring the safety of yourself and others, where time permits.

Agenda covered

• Legislation
• Statistics
• Chemistry of combustion/ Methods of Fire Spread
• The Effects of Heat and Smoke
• The role of a Fire Warden and Fire Marshal
• Causes of Fire in the Workplace
• Fire Prevention
• Evacuation Procedure
• Evacuation Drills and System Testing
• Action taken on discovering fire
• Fire Classifications
• Correct types of Fire Extinguishers


• Numerous graphics
• Videos
• Optional Practical fire extinguisher session using our gas training rig (see 3.5)
• Assessment
• Certificates to the successful students